About US
Design & Creativity

Little Red Birdy’s first exhibition was RAW verse in March 2017 and this was the inspiration for the collection of about twenty images chosen to remind me of the beauty everywhere. For the first time these timeless whimsical vignettes are available to purchase.

Where it all started…

I was an early adopter of Instagram and Little Red Birdy was one of Canberra’s first instagrammers. I soon became a known for my very distinct style which has not really changed over the years. The community was very arty, supportive and provided lots of inspiration.

My love of trees, the seaside and of course Canberra became recurring subjects for my painterly images. These signed, framed, limited edition, prints are now available to purchase. The designs are timeless and unique and make a beautiful gift to keep or give as a memento for visitors.


It is all about seeing beauty
where ever you are


If I have one weakness, it is beautiful things.
I sell my art on Etsy, which is packed to the rafters with beauty, passion and ingenuity.  There is inspiration and breathtaking work in every corner.

I love creating and playing with texture, it’s what I do. My favourite materials are Glass, vintage, silk, cotton, felt, pottery, paper but these things only attract me when held together with LOVE. May this journey to discover the delights of global sharing never end.